5 year old child sleep apnea

Children such as this child can have dark circles under their eyes, this is an indicator that a child might not be sleeping well

If your child is a restless sleeper, snores or is a heavy breather or is just tired all the time, he or she may have sleep apnea or some other type of sleep disorder. Children with sleep disorders do not wake up rested and often tend to be tired and cranky.

Sleep apnea in a child – 16 attempts to breathe.

Sleep disordered breathing can lead to impaired growth, behavioral problems and neuro cognitive problems such as ADD and ADHD and other learning disabilities. Children symptoms are unique and should be diagnosed by someone who is aware of their special problems and symptoms. Dr. Perkins has been diagnosing and treating these problems for more than 35 years. His goal is to diagnose these sleep problems early ( most sleep problems start in childhood) and prevent them from extending into adulthood, with more and more serious side effects. You may submit the 10 question survey for children on this website and Dr Perkins will discuss the results with you by phone.

Narrow, constricted dental arches, retrusive lower jaws, severe mouth breathing and long face growth patterns are a few problems which can be improved in young children. Orthopedic treatment can help open and expand the airway as well as create more space for the tongue without removing teeth. Removal of permanent teeth at age 12 and 13 can push the tongue further back into the airway and increase the possibility of sleep disordered breathing.

Sleep disordered breathing in an infant.

Unlike adults, children can have large adenoids and tonsils which can drastically narrow the airway and be a major factor in childhood sleep disorders. The peak incidence of these problems is between 3 to 6 years of age when these tonsils and adenoids are the largest in relation to airway size.

Dr. Perkins has been able to help many children over the past 35 years by requesting the removal of these tonsils. Children often have miraculous improvement with their sleep problems just from this procedure. If a tonsil problem is suspected, the child should be evaluated by an ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist familiar with sleep disorders in children.

Dr. Perkins has also seen incredible results by expanding jaws, opening and enlarging the airway. He uses special orthopedic procedures which can drastically improve these very special problems.

Do not hesitate to bring your child in for a special examination if he or she present with any of these problems. Grinding their teeth while they sleep and darkness under their eyes are 2 of the obvious symptoms. These are 2 of the questions on the 10 question survey. Dentists trained in treating sleep disorders have one of the best opportunities to prevent future sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing. Unfortunately there is only a small group of doctors who recognize and know how to treat these problems, so a comprehensive exam by Dr. Perkins is a very good place to start the process.

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If you have answered Yes to 3 or more of these questions especially in the first 5 , then you should have your child evaluated for a possible sleep disorded breathing problem. Left untreated these conditions can lead to serious cognitive problems such as ADD and ADHD, for example.
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