Revolutionary New Treatment for TMJ and Sleep Disorders

Dr. Perkins has developed new techniques for diagnosing and treating TMJ and sleep disorders. His passion is to improve the lives of his patients by recognizing and helping them with these problems. With more than 35 years of experience, he has found the true cause of most TMJ problems, which has drastically improved the success of his treatment. Many of his patients admit that his treatment “totally changed their lives”. Headache patients are very excited to be off their pain medications.

Meet Ronald C. Perkins, DDS, MS

Ronald C. Perkins, DDS, MS

Dr. Perkins is passionate about helping patients with TMJ problems, headaches, and sleep disorders. As an orthodontist who suffered from sleep apnea himself, he had a special insight into these problems and was one of the first orthodontists to regularly treat young children for airway problems and sleep disorders. His experience in treating TMJ helped him develop the specialized techniques for treating both TMJ and sleep problems, which are often linked. As an orthodontist, he was able to see how most sleep disorders and TMJ problems develop in childhood. Unfortunately, many physicians and dentists still do not recognize these problems early enough.

After receiving a B.S. degree from Oklahoma State University, Dr. Perkins graduated from Baylor University College of Dentistry with numerous honors, including the Scholastic Honors Award for graduating in the top of his class, and the coveted Crown and Bridge Dentistry Award for clinical excellence. He continued at Baylor for his Orthodontic Specialty Degree. He then spent two years as the orthodontist for the midshipmen at the US Naval Academy, before starting in private practice.

His new passion is diagnosing and treating patients with TMJ and sleep disorders. He has been helping many people who have had extensive other treatments which did not find the real cause of their problems. What distinguishes him from other providers is that he has been suffering from these problems himself and understands them not just professionally, but also from his personal experience.

On a personal note, Dr. Perkins loves life and it shows in everything he does. He enjoys skiing and scuba diving and has a special love of sunsets. His talent for making beautiful smiles is matched only by his talent for making people smile, feel better, and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Perkins has been published in orthodontic and dental sleep publications. Read how he developed his techniques in the sleep disorder article below for an example. He also lectures extensively locally and around the country. Visit the Seminars page.

Dr. Perkins’ goal is to involve more orthodontists in treating young children early in their lives to help prevent the devastating problems from developing later, therefore he lectures extensively locally and around the country.

Treating Sleep Disorders in Children and Adults

Download Dr. Perkins’ latest article about treating sleep disorders in children and adults, including using oral appliances and many years past experience in recognizing and treating these problems in children. This article is easy to read and understand and will help anyone recognize sleep disorders with Dr. Perkins’ special diagnostic techniques for adults and children.

Treating Sleep Disorders With Oral Appliances

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