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As a sleep apnea specialist, and having been a sleep apnea patient himself, Dr. Perkins provides this checklist which could help save your life or the life of someone you love!

With more than 40 years experience in treating TMJ, he has found a way to get at the real cause of most jaw joint problems, which is related to night time bruxing and clenching due to the stress of interrupted sleep.

With Dr. Perkins technique, he has been able to drastically reduce headaches and migraines on many patients, allowing them to stop taking very strong drugs. He is able to get rid of 90% of headaches 90% of the time, with most patients.

With Dr. Perkins specialized diagnostic technique, he has been able to recognize sleep problems missed by many other doctors and specialists. Most patients are surprised to see how poor sleep effects their entire body and health.

Dr. Perkins is dedicated to treating other dentists how on how to recognize and treat patients with sleep problems and does regular courses on this subject. He also gives lectures to community organizations and others who are interested in health lectures.

Dr. Perkins has been treating children with sleep disorders for many years trying to improve their airway which resulted in improved sleep. Recent studies have shown most of our sleep disorders start in childhood and just get worse with age. Dr. Perkins is able to diagnose these problems with some of the same techniques he uses for adults, although some of the children’s symptoms are different. It has also been proven that sleep problems are very inherited. As an orthodontist, I recognized this very often.

Most people do not do well with CPAP machines for Sleep Apnea. The failure rate is 70%. Many patients can be treated by dentists before they reach the severe Apnea stages which might require a CPAP.

Dr. Perkins has helped many of the CPAP failures with the TMJ balanced appliance. Dentists can treat the initial stages of sleep disorders, which are not usually treated by sleep physicians.

Not all orthodontists are board-certified. The prestigious ABO provides the stringent requirements of board certification for orthodontic professionals, including guidelines for additional study and examination.

Orthodontists have two to three years of specialized training beyond dental school and is a specialist at straightening teeth and insuring proper form and function. The AAO seeks to exemplify, enforce and promote the highest traditions in the practice of orthodontics.

As America’s leading advocate for oral health, the ADA helps dental professionals make a difference in their practice and in their profession. Over 70% of dentists are members of the ADA.

The AADSM promotes research and the clinical use of oral appliances for the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders. The intention and mandate of the AADSM is to address issues of dental sleep medicine through evidence-based research.