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Dr. Ron Perkins is designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs of this program provider are accepted by AGD for Fellowship, Mastership and membership maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. The current term of approval extends from 4/2/2015 to 4/1/2019.

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“After going to one of Dr Ron Perkins sleep seminars I was blown away by the innovative clinical knowledge in which he presents for recognizing sleep disorders such as OSA and UARS. Concepts like the Sleep Continuum,  the TMD connection, treatment by symptoms and the many comorbidities in which SDB manifests are just some of the impressive aspects of this seminar. Emphasizing that these conditions are not all about oxygen deprivation but more about the bodies adrenaline stress reactions is key to understanding how to find SDB symptoms and effectively treating the disease. Dr. Perkins is passionate about this subject and eager to train people to save lives in a fun comfortable setting. Thanks again Dr Perkins for all your help!” – Cary Shatto DDS

“Dr Ron Perkins is “a doctors’s doctor”! Let me show you how I came to that conclusion,it’s Ron’s impressive, refreshing new approach to these old multi-symptomatic diseases, as he’s not being held back by the bias of conventional medicine where we are trained to”treat” each individual symptom with its own drug or drugs and then,we also feel free to treat their new symptoms “caused” by the side effects of these drugs,with even more drugs. Instead,what Ron does is: 1st, he gathers all the facts based on his intuitive listening to each patients individual complaints,2nd, he finds the one common denominator,this patient has, that is causing all these bizarre complaints, 3rd, determines and then prepares his treatment, to rapidily correct them all by simply removing their cause,(obstruction of the airway). Hence, setting the patient free, from these symptoms, to pursue their dreams.
The proof is, as one adjusts to his invention, which allows more oxygen to our brain and body, one notices, that all these symptoms:Depression, Migraines, & etc, even Fibromyalgia, starts subsiding. The reason being, these powerful stress hormones: CORTISOL and ADRENILINE, aren’t stimulated throughout the night, anymore, hence , a more peaceful and restfull sleep ensues,which allows ones own body to more successfully prepare us for the next day ( and not depending on drugs to treat the symptoms). I ‘ve seen this improvement happen to me, as I replaced my bulky, noisy CPAP machine, with Ron”s relatively small mouth piece (that easily fits into my shirt pocket), I found that I slept much better, throughout the night,and all of these above symptoms, that had “somewhat” improved (with my years of CPAP), NOW, disappeared COMPLETELY, just with this oral appliance.
I’m now a retired MD and after practicing 40+ years of what I thought was “cutting edge” Preventive Medicine; I feel completely comfortable in having Ron for my Specialist (in his area of expertise), as he is not only doing many of the things I wished I had known and done ,but, also he has taken them to a new level, with his own improvements on his mouth piece. Hence, he”s really, “a doctors”s doctor” – Rod Dotson MD

“As a general dentist with severe sleep apnea, I am well aware of the effects of untreated sleep disorders. In spite of my training and experience, I was unable to recognize my own symptoms: chronic fatique, severe headaches, muscle aches, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, severe snoring and nightime acid reflux. The treatment provided for me by Dr. Perkins gave me my life back! The end result of suffering with an untreated sleep disorder such as mine is usually a heart attack. Today I no longer hit the snooze button in the morning. I awake feeling refreshed and full of energy! With the extra energy I have, I am able to exercise longer and have lost 38 pounds. Best of all, I no longer take medication to control my blood pressure. If you or anyone you know suffers from any of the above symptoms, call Dr. Perkins today!” – Robert Esparza DDS



Course Overview

Learn easy and inexpensive ways of recognizing and diagnosing sleep disorders without buying expensive programs or equipment. Learn how to start treating sleep patients immediately after taking this course. Learn how to use revolutionary PSSP (Perkins Sleep Symptom Profile) to diagnose and accurately treat patients with sleep disorders. Learn to recognize patients with serious sleep disorders who do not have sleep apnea.

Course Objectives
  • Understand the basics of sleep disorders
  • Recognize difference between sleep apnea and UARS
  • Learn how to recognize patients with sleep apnea and UARS
  • Learn how to discover many more patients in your practice using Dr. Perkins’ diagnostic technique
  • Learn how to use pulse oximeter for evaluating and titrating patients
  • Learn the benefits of home sleep studies
  • Learn how to treat sleep patients without a large financial investment
  • Learn all the oral signs such as bruxism, macroglossia, inflammation of throat and small airways
  • Learn how to perform a thorough TMJ exam
  • Learn how to avoid common complications of TMD
  • Learn how to become a TMJ dysfunction and headache expert


Course Overview

Learn easy and inexpensive ways of treating your sleep patients. Learn how to start treating sleep patients immediately after taking this course.

Course Objectives
  • Learn how to use PSSP (Perkins Sleep Symptom Profile)
  • Learn the easy and inexpensive Perkins Diagnostic and Treatment System
  • Learn how to treat serious problems associated with sleep disorders, such as headaches, TMJ disorders
  • Learn technique and protocol for MyTAP, and start treating immediately
  • Learn how to diagnose TMJ dysfunction
  • Learn to treat and titrate using PSSP
  • Learn the advantages of treating with TMJ balanced appliance
  • Learn how to have more than 96% success using Dr. Perkins’ technique
  • Discuss the interaction with various medical specialties
  • Learn the details of how to develop a successful sleep practice – informed consent, medical insurance, sleep studies, patient referrals.
  • Learn the early intervention for sleep disorders in young children
  • Study examples of patient treatment and evaluation using PSSP
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