[Posted on June 6]

Written by: Roy Miller

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that prevents oxygen from being absorbed properly by vital organs. If you generally feel tired, have dark circles under your eyes or express other symptoms that you are unsure of, being evaluated for sleep apnea is important. Dr. Ronald C. Perkins is a leading orthodontist in Dallas with many years of experience in effectively treating sleep apnea patients. He uses a modified TAP sleep apnea dental appliance that has produced amazing results in his patients. His modified version of the appliance eliminates many of the side effects of the original device and provides much more effective results.

Dr. Perkins can diagnose and treat sleep apnea in children as well as adults. Many parents have no idea that their children suffer from this disorder which could lead to more serious health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and others if not treated properly. A proper diagnosis is critical in treating the disorder and Dr. Perkins has many years of experience in this field. His modified appliance has been proven effective in more than 96 percent of his patients. If you or your child experience chronic fatigue, the inability to concentrate, regular occurrence of injury or illness, morning headaches or other symptoms of this disorder, Dr. Perkins can evaluate you and determine if treatment is necessary.

A good night’s sleep is important for your overall well-being. If you feel that you or your child may be suffering from sleep apnea, Dr. Perkins can accurately diagnose the condition and treat it effectively. Contact our office to schedule your initial consultation today.

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