[Posted on May 16]

Written by: Rose Rodriguez

A proper diagnosis is crucial in providing effective treatment for sleep apnea. Dr. Ronald C. Perkins can properly diagnose sleep apnea in children as well as adults. If your child is experiencing symptoms related to sleep apnea such as chronic fatigue, dark circles under the eyes, restless sleep or a heavy breathing while sleeping, Dr. Perkins can evaluate him or her and offer a diagnosis. If sleep apnea is determined then Dr. Perkins can provide you with effective treatment of this disorder that will enable your child to get a better night’s sleep.

Sleep apnea can lead to a number of other serious health issues. Getting a diagnosis quickly and receiving effective treatment is important, particularly in children. Dr. Perkins is a qualified and experienced Dallas orthodontist who has been providing effective diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea for many years. He uses a modified sleep apnea appliance that offers more effective treatment of symptoms than the original device. If your child is suffering from any of the above mentioned symptoms, Dr. Perkins can perform an evaluation to determine if sleep apnea is at fault. If so, he can begin treatment immediately.

Dr. Perkins understands that properly diagnosing sleep apnea could help to save your child from many years of suffering with the symptoms of this disorder. If you feel that your child may be affected by sleep apnea, making an appointment right away is important. Feel free to read more about this disorder on our website or contact our office and schedule your initial appointment with Dr. Ronald C. Perkins today.

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