Written by: Dr. Ron Perkins

If you have crooked teeth, an over or under bite or other dental issues, Dr. Ronald C. Perkins can provide you with quality orthodontics. Dr. Perkins provides Invisalign in Dallas that can effectively straighten misaligned teeth and solve other dental issues as well. Invisalign braces are preferred by many older patients and teenagers because they do not look like traditional metal braces. In fact, these clear aligners are virtually invisible so others may not even notice that you are wearing them. They work in about the same amount of time as traditional braces but are a bit more comfortable than metal.

Dr. Perkins can evaluate your dental needs and determine if Dallas Invisalign will give you the perfect smile that you want. Many people prefer these to traditional braces because you can actually take them out so you still have the opportunity to brush and floss your teeth while they are being perfected. Dr. Perkins offers a number of dental treatment options for Dallas patients and is considered an expert in diagnosing and treating TMJ and sleep apnea disorders. Whether you are looking to straighten or otherwise perfect your teeth, you have symptoms that point to sleep apnea or TMJ or you have other dental issues, our office is ready to help.

Dr. Perkins can consult with you and discuss your treatment options after a thorough examination. Feel free to browse our website and learn more about Invisalign and how it can help perfect your smile or contact us and schedule your initial appointment today.

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