[Posted on Mar 07]

Kevin Kramer

If you regularly hear a popping noise when chewing or you experience pain when you chew food or open your mouth, you could have TMJ. TMJ is a disorder that affects the jaw and can cause discomfort and outright pain when chewing. Dr. Ron Perkins is the TMJ specialist Dallas residents turn to when it comes to diagnosing and treating TMJ disorder. He has many years of experience in his field and can determine if you are suffering from this disorder, the extent of your problem and the best treatment for your individual case.

Dr. Perkins has redesigned the sleep apnea dental appliance to help treat both sleep apnea and TMJ. He works with both adults and children and can diagnose these and other disorders that affect the jaws, teeth and gums. He offers a number of treatment options for a variety of dental issues and can help you to experience fewer symptoms from your TMJ or sleep apnea. If you experience night grinding or clenching of your jaw, frequent headaches or pains in your temples, pain when you open your mouth or a clicking or popping sound when you chew, Dr. Perkins can determine if you suffer from TMJ disorder and formulate a treatment plan for you.

Dr. Perkins is a leading orthodontist in Dallas who can provide you with a number of services. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about TMJ and other similar disorders or contact our office to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Perkins today.

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