[Posted on Sept 26]

Written by: Dr. Ron Perkins

Many people go through life without the perfect smiles that they want. If your teeth are crooked or you have an overbite or under bite, Dr. Ronald C. Perkins can speak with you about Dallas Invisalign and how these invisible braces can help you to enjoy a perfect smile. Invisalign braces are virtually undetectable to others. They use a series of clear plastic aligners that are custom designed to fit your teeth and straighten them to perfection. They work in about the same amount of time as traditional metal braces but are much more comfortable and more attractive.

Dr. Perkins is a leading Dallas orthodontist who can provide you with a variety of services to perfect your smile. If you have thought about getting braces but simply do not want to go through the next two years or so with metal in your mouth, Invisalign is a viable option. Dr. Perkins can evaluate your dental needs and help you to understand how Invisalign braces can give you perfectly straight teeth. He will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums and present you with a treatment plan that will take care of your dental issues and leave you with a smile that you are proud to show the world.

If your teeth are not perfectly straight, Dr. Perkins can ensure that you get the perfect smile that you want. Feel free to read more about how Invisalign braces may be right for your dental needs by browsing our website or contact our office today and schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Ronald C. Perkins.

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